Unplanned Destiny

Unplanned Destiny

There is a plan for each one of us, written inside the paths of our life, even when they seem to be far away and unimaginable; it happens that sometimes they suddenly meet.

Finding myself, together  with all of my daughters, in 2006, with a little production of that “nectar” , later named Donne Fittipaldi, natural consequence of my all female family.

This is the way it all began and consolidate by then.

My goal has always been to produce wines distinguished by a great elegance and harmony, but most of all, able to describe all of the personality of the greatest Bolgherian names, famous all around the world for their quality.

The content of our bottles has always had the artistic necessity of a proper exterior, and it’s here that, thanks to a random meeting, the mood of Donne Fittipaldi  was created and stabilized with the essential artistic contribution of Giores, the art name of Giorgio Restelli.

A coincidence, two stories with the same philosophy crossing together and tied by the emotions of the artist.

I have never believed to preset plans and projects, as a matter of life experiences, rather I believe in those unexpected chances that life gives to you.

Donne Fittipaldi was born from nothing, and came alive as a product of a series of events all linking together, slow as the essential time needed to improve the quality of his content; intimate moments that, taken by themselves, neither wanted nor pursued, they extraordinarily come alive.


Maria Fittipaldi Menarini – Lady