Beautiful creatures,
marble and dynamic at the same time,
the nature for the nature,
the universal Woman
celebrated in all its glory,
between olfactory notes and fabled colors .
The art that embraces the earth,
the land that becomes art: wine.
Dish and drink, pleasure and elegance,
Today the Red tinged lips,
and red tinged heart.
Living the life, living life.


Sunday, March 22 (2015), at Vinitaly, a major event for women, wine and art, in collaboration with The Gentleman of Verona.
An evening for Donne Fittipaldi with special thanks to the artist Giores, present at the event, who, with his hand has contributed to the realization of the entire visual identity of the wines online.

Una serata di Donne Fittipaldi con un ringraziamento speciale all’artista Giores, presente all’evento, che, con la sua mano ha contribuito alla realizzazione dell’identità visiva di tutta la linea dei vini.