About Us

The history of Donne Fittipaldi has begun in 2004 when Fittipaldi Menarini family decided to plant in Bolgheri, in the heart of Tuscany, some hectares of vines : today, the varieties of wine are Merlot , Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Orpicchio. The goal has always been to produce wines distinguished by a great elegance and harmony, but most of all, able to describe all of the personality of the greatest Bolgheri-an names, famous all around the world for their quality.

Donne Fittipaldi has chosen, from the beginning, to move towards the highest quality levels. Indeed, the numer of bottles is limited by the low yield of each vine and also by the accurate selection of the bunches.

Today, on over 9 hectars of property vines, 5 labels are born : Primo Superiore Bolgheri Rosso DOC, Donne Fittipaldi Bolgheri Rosso DOC, Donne Fittipaldi Bianco IGT Toscana (produced by the handling of a little vineyard of Sauvignon Blanc ), Malaroja (100% Malbec vines) and the new Lady F (100% Orpicchio vines).

The philosophy of the Donne Fittipaldi company has always aimed to blend wine with art and, since the very beginning, it has bonded with the friend and artist Giorgio Restelli, Giores in art, for the design and realization of all of the labels.
First, the creation of “Donne Fittipaldi”, also become the image of the company itself, and after, the project  ‘Stolen Legs’ where Giores, using acrylics and varnishes, transforms with an action painting, one of his photograph printed on canvas, always representing femininity.
Using the same signature style he gave birth to the wine label presented in 2015: Malaroja
Even in the new Lady F , the choice of Donne Fittipaldi is to consider the bottle as a frame sustaining a work of art or an artistic project. This occurs because the creative direction of the company is completely managed by Giores.
In 2016, during the 50th edition of Vinitaly, Donne Fittipaldi has decided to work together with the Fondazione Accademia di Belle Arti of Verona.
The partnership with the prestigious Academy was the spark for the institution of the Donne Fittipaldi Award, which has always been the dream of Maria Fittipaldi Menarini. This award, every year, is able to give to a young talent, the opportunity to evaluate his artistic production , in the context of producing the fine wines labels and a limited series of magnum every year.